Elegant Products 100% Genuine Saffron

About Us

Elegant Products is a leading importer and distributor of Saffron [Precious Gift of Nature!] to several retail customers' located throughout the USA, since May 1995. Elegant Products growth is a result of customers trust in its commitment to provide highest quality at the modest market price based on the coloring power (CP) of saffron.

Some saffron grocers don't know coloring power, the mark of saffron quality, and purchase inferior quality saffron to make more money from average unsuspecting consumers. Range of coloring power could vary from as low as CP 80 to the highest CP 220; it's equivalent to Karat (measurement) of Gold.

Warning: "Don't purchase Saffron without a coloring power number on the saffron packet, e.g CP 195. It's a mark of saffron quality you are purchasing."

ISO standard of coloring power is CP 190 for Category I quality. Higher the coloring power (and bitterness) is better the saffron.

Elegant Products procures a special quality of saffron with CP 220 coloring power for our five-star restaurants and merchandisers who desire to have the superb or the very best quality of saffron. CP 220 Saffron is also nick-named as Red Gold for its red coloring power and corresponding high price. If you want the best quality saffron insist on saffron with CP 220 or CP 195 mark.

We always insist on educating our customers about coloring power of saffron, and that's the reason we label with coloring power of saffron on our saffron packages. The Best Quality of saffron is currently imported into USA from Kashmir, India, and Spain.

Elegant Products Guarantee: We are most cautious or concerned about the saffron quality. After you try Elegant Products quality saffron you would be the most satisfied customer, than any other saffron product you may have used in past. If you are not satisfied with our saffron, we offer full refund.

Caution: "Keep out reach of children. It could be toxic if eaten more than a pinch of saffron at one time."