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Elegant Products is a leading importer and distributor of Saffron to several retail customers located in throughout the USA, since May 1995. Elegant Products growth is a result of customers' trust in its commitment to provide highest quality at the modest market price based on the coloring power (CP) of saffron.

Saffron is the King of Spices. Saffron is a Precious Gift of Nature! It's the most expensive spice in the world. It's less understood by some grocers who at times misguide shoppers by substituting high quality saffron with Safflower due to the high saffron prices.

What's Safflower: The safflowers grow wildly in various countries. The red-orange filaments produce yellow dye with no saffron aroma and flavor. They are sold in the market as "saffron" in excellent packages to make easy money. Definition: An annual composite plant (Carthamus tinctorius), the flowers of which are used as a dyestuff and in making rouge; bastard, or false saffron.

Many retailers and shoppers don't know about the coloring power [CP] of saffron, the barometer of saffron quality, purchase inferior quality saffron. Range of coloring power varies from as low as CP 80 to the highest CP 240. The ISO standard of saffron for category I Coloring power is at least 190 or more. Saffron qualities are divided in four categories but some stores sell saffron without label of category and its coloring power.

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